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Đề thi học kì II môn Anh văn lớp 12 kèm đáp án chi tiết – năm học 2017-2018

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Đề thi học kì II Môn Anh văn 12 – Cơ bản chuẩn

Thời gian: 45 phút (không kể thời gian giao nhận đề)

I. Choose the word with the different pronunciation of the underlined part.

  1. A. endangered          B. digested                    C. swallowed                             D. lived
  2. A. words        B. books                        C. reserves                                D. stories

II. Choose the word with the different stress pattern.

  1. A. wildlife B. vulnerable                 C. maintain                               D. habitat
  2. A. television B. survival                     C. pollution                               D. extinction

III. Choose the underlined word or phrase in each sentence that needs correcting.

  1. Many species of animals and plants are in danger of becoming extiction.

                    A                           B          C                                       D

  1. There are so much books on the shelf that I don’t know which one to choose.

                    A                     B                                                C                D

  1. Might I borrow your pencil? – That’s Here it is.

     A                            B               C            D

  1. You have got plenty of You may not hurry.

             A             B                   C         D

IV. Choose the best answer to complete the sentence.

9. A big shopping mall ______ in the city center.

A.is going to be built               B. will build

C. must being built                     D. is going to build

  1. If you enjoy reading stories about love affairs, a ___________ is the right book for you.

A.novel                                  B. cartoon

C. romance                                D. thriller

  1. I _______ this book to all who enjoy an exciting story.

A.recommed                           B. compliment

C. praise                                   D. approve of

  1. Marry: “You look great in that red shirt, Lora!”

Lora: “ __________________.”

A.No, I don’t think so

B. Thanks. It’s my mum’s present on my birthday.

C.Oh, is it? I bought it at Nem’s

D. Oh, you don’t like it, don’t you?

  1. John: “ Would you like to go to the cinema with us tonight?”

Marry: “ ____________. I have much work to do.”

A.No, I won’t                         B. Yes, I will

C. No, thanks                            D. I’d love to

  1. Toxic chemicals hace also driven many species ___________ the verge of extiction.

A.to                                       B. on

C. for                                       D. at

  1. A ____________ species is a species which likly become endangered.

A.vulnerable                           B. protected

C. extinct                                  D. endangered

  1. Books are wonderful ________ of knowledge and pleasure.

A.list                                      B. soure

C. resoure                                 D. sum

  1. You ________ wash this car. It has already been washed.

A.needn’t                                B. mightn’t

C. cannot                                  D. mustn’t

  1. The cutting down of trees __________ to prevent forest destruction.

A.controlling                           B. should control

C. would control                                    D. should be controlled

  1. The book i so interesting that I can’t ____________

A.be put down             B. put down

C. put down it                           D. put it down

  1. Jane’s strange idea astonished everybody.

A.Everybody was astonished at Jane’s stange idea.

B. Everybody has been astonished at Jane’s stange idea.

C.Everybody were astonished at Jane’s stange idea.

D. Everybody is astonished at Jane’s stange idea.

  1. Where’s Emma? – I don’t know. She ________ be out shopping, I suppose.

A.should                                 B. must

C. can                                       D. might

  1. Our teacher is so strict. You ________ forget to do your homework.

A.needn’t                                B. must

C. mustn’t                                 D. may

  1. Are you _________ in soccer?

A.interest                                B. interesting

C. interests                                D. interested

  1. Peter and Tom ________ in an accident yesterday.

A.are hurt                               B. were hurt

C. were hurted                           D. have been hurt

  1. I’m sorry that I didn’t follow your advice. I _________ what you said.

A.should do    B. should have done         C. might have done                D. must do

  1. The animals and plants _____________ in the zoos.

A.protected               B. being protected     C. are protected                         D. protect

  1. You ought to do your homework every day.

A.Your homework ought be done every day.

B. Your homework ought to do every day by you.

C.Your homework should to be done every day.

D. Your homework ought to be done every day.

  1. ______ you play the piano? – Of course, yes.

A.Need               B. Should                                  C. Can                           D. Must

  1. Nobody can solve the problem.

A.The problem is solved by nobody.                                          B. The problem has been solved by nobody.

C.The problem can be solved.                                                   D. The problem cannot be solved.

  1. Listen, please. You _______ talk during this exam.

A.couldn’t                              B. won’t                                    C. mustn’t                     D. needn’t

  1. Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C, or D) that best fits each space in the following passage.

Reading is one of life’s great (31) ________. It is the quiet, private relationship between the author and the (32) __________ that makes a book so special. The richness of English language and the strength of story-telling have always (33) ________ me. My brother used to read to me most (34)________before I went to bed, and similarly, I (35) ________ books to my children. I suppose it was my English teacher, Eric Anderson, (36) _______ made me feel enthusiastic about novel.

  1. A. enjoyment             B. happiness                 C. joy                           D. pleasure
  2. A. viewer      B. audience                                C. reader                       D. writer
  3. A. surprised        B. surprising                              C. interesting                 D. interest
  4. A. commom         B. nights                                   C. time                         D. days
  5. A. write            B. read                                      C. tell                           D. listen
  6. A. which            B. who                                      C. that                          D. whom

VI. Read the following passage and mark the letter to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

Dinosaurs were reptiles that lived during a period of earth’s history called the Mesozoic Era, which is known as the Age of Reptiles. The first dinosaurs appeared more than 200 million years ago. For many millions of years, they dominated the land with their huge size and strength. Then about 65 million years ago, they died out rather suddenly, never to reemerge.

The word dinosaur comes from two Greek words meaning “terrible lizard”. Dinosaurs were not lizards, but their appearance could be truly terrifying. The biggest ones weighed more than ten times as much as a mature elephant and nearly equaled the size of most modern—day whales. The famous kinds of dinosaurs, including the brontosaur and tyrannosaurus rex, reached 80 to 90 feet in length. Not all dinosaurs were giants, however, some were actually no larger than a chicken.

Scientists still do not know what caused dinosaur to disappear. One theory involves a change in the earth’s climate. It is believed that temperature dropped significantly towards the end of the Cretaceous Period. Too large to hibernate and not having fur or feathers for protection, it is possible that the climate became too chilly for dinosaurs. In contrast, other species having protection, such as the mammals and birds, were able to survive.

  1. It can be inferred from the passage that the Age of Reptiles lasted about

A.65 million years                                                   B. 200 million years

C.80 million years                                                    D. 135 million years

  1. According to the passage, what is true about the size of dinosaurs?

A.It was rather uniform.

B.It guaranteed their survival.

C.It made them the largest creatures ever on earth.

D.It varied quite greatly.

  1. What is the best title for this passage?

A.The History of Earth

B.Earth’s Largest Reptiles

C.The Metabolism of Dinosaurs

D.The Domination of the Land

  1. Which of the following sentences is NOT true?

A.Dinosaurs became extinct milion years ago.

B.The mammals and birds were able to survive despite the change in the earth’s climate.

C.Scientists know exactly about the disappearance of dinosaurs.

D.Some dinosaurs were as big as most modern-day whales


Đáp án Đề thi học kì II môn Anh văn lớp 12 – năm học 2017-2018

Câu Dapan
01.     B
02.     B
03.   C
04.     A
05.     D
06.     A
07.     A
08.     C
09.     A
10.     C
11.     A
12.     B
13.     C
14.     A
15.     D
16.     B
17.     A
18.     D
19.     D
20.     A
21.     D
22.     C
23.     D
24.     B
25.     B
26.     C
27.     D
28.     C
29.     D
30.     C
31.     D
32.     C
33.     A
34.     B
35.     B
36.     B
37.     C
38.     A
39.     B
40.     C

Trên đây là Đề thi học kì II môn Anh văn lớp 12 kèm đáp án. Chúc các em học tốt!


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