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Tổng hợp liên từ thông dụng trong tiếng Anh

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Tổng hợp liên từ thông dụng trong tiếng Anh

Tiếng anh Trong quá trình học tiếng Anh, các bạn sẽ phải thường xuyên sử dụng Liên từ. Liên từ đóng vai trò quan trọng trong tiếng Anh, đặc biệt là ngôn ngữ viết. Bởi chúng làm cho các ý trong một câu, các câu văn trong một đoạn liên kết với nhau chặt chẽ hơn. Vậy bạn biết được bao nhiêu liên từ,hãy tham khảo tổng hợp liên từ thông dụng trong tiếng Anh sau đây nhé.

tong hop lien tu thong dung trong tieng anh

Tổng hợp liên từ thông dụng trong tiếng Anh

AND: ..và.., nối hai thành phần song song

She is a good and loyal wife.
I have many books and notebooks.

he is both good and loyal.
They learn both English and French.

eg: He has experience as well as knowledge.

eg: You no less than she are very rich.

NOT ONLY … BUT (ALSO): không những..mà còn
eg: He learns not only English but but (also) Chinese.
I like playing not only tennis but (also) football.

OR: hoặc
eg: Hurry up, or you will be late.

SHe isn’t either good or kind.
I don’t have either money or card

NEITHER … NOR; không..cũng không
eg: He drinks neither wine nor beer.
She has neither husband nor children.

BUT: nhưng
eg: He is intelligent but very lazy.
She is ugly but hard-working.

THEN: sau đó
eg: You have eaten nothing; then you must be very hungry.
The tree looks very faded; then it hasn’t been watered for long.

CONSEQUENTLY: hậu quả là
eg: You didn’t work hard for this term; consequently, he failed the exam.

HOWEVER: tuy nhiên
eg: He is a very lazy student; however, he can pass all the exams easily.
It was raining very hard; however, we went out without umbrellar.

eg: he studies very hard; nevertheless, he always gets bad marks.

STILL, YET: vẫn, chưa
eg: I speak to you peaceably; still/yet you will not listen.
She says she does not love me, yet, I still love her.

Ví dụ: We have to work hard, or/else/otherwise we will fail the exam.

ONLY: chỉ
Ví dụ: Go where you like; only do not stay here.

Ví dụ: He violated the traffic signs, therefore he was punished.

FOR: bởi vì
Ví dụ: He will surely succeed, for (because) he works hard.

WHEREAS: ngược lại
Ví dụ: He learns hard whereas his friends don’t.
Wise men love truth whereas fools avoid it.

WHILE: trong khi
Ví dụ: Don’t sing while you work.
Don’t talk while you eat.

Ví dụ: We have to study hard at school; besides, we must pay attention
to physical exercise.
He stole two case; moreover, he broke the window.

SO: vì thế
Ví dụ: He is a good teacher; so, he is very popular with students.
It rained very hard; so, we didn’t go out that night.

HENCE: bởi vì
Ví dụ: I had not money about me; hence I did not buy the watch.
He came late; hence, he missed the first part of the lesson.

– Liên từ nối mệnh đề (như trạng ngữ):
a. Thời gian (Time):

AFTER: sau khi
Ví dụ: A man shoud take a little rest, after he has worked hard.
The ship was checked carefully after she had been built.

AS: khi
Ví dụ: He came her, as the clock struck seven.
They left as the bell rang..

AS SOON AS: ngay sau khi
Ví dụ: I will phone you as soon as I come home.
They will get married as soon as they finish university.

BEFORE: trước
Ví dụ: Don’t count your chickens before they are hatchd.
She talks as if she were very wise.
Ví dụ: He has been very weak, since he was taken sick.

AS LONG AS: miễn là
Ví dụ: No one can harm us, as long as we remain friends.
I will lend you some money as long as you promise to pay me back.

UNTIL: cho đến khi
Ví dụ: People do not know the value of health until they lose it.

WHEN: khi
Ví dụ: When you visit this country, you should bring thick winter clothes.

WHILE: trong khi
Ví dụ: Make hay while the sun shines.
Step while you dance.

b. Nơi chốn (Places):

Ví dụ: The bed room is the best place where I do my homework.

WHEREVER: bất cứ nơi đâu
Ví dụ: Her mother follows him wherever she goes.
I will go wherever to find a suitable job for me.

c. Thể cách (Manner):

AS: như
Ví dụ: Do as I told you to do.

AS IF: như thể, dường như
Ví dụ: He talks as if he knew everything about her.
sHe dances as if she were a professional dancer.

d. So sánh (Comparisons):

AS: bằng
Ví dụ: She is as tall as her brother.
This coat is as expensive as that one.

THAN: hơn
Ví dụ: She is more beautiful than her sister.
She looks fatter than his friend.

e. Lí do (Reasons):

AS: vì
Ví dụ: As it rained very hard, we stopped they games.

BECAUSE: bởi vì
Ví dụ: We could not pass the test because we didn’t learn hard.
I didn’t meet her because she had left earlier.

Ví dụ: I must go since he has telephoned three times.

f. Mục đích (Purposes):

THAT: để
Ví dụ: I work hard that I may succeed in life.

Ví dụ: We went very early so that we could catch the last bus.

Ví dụ: We learn chinese in order to study in china .

g. Điều kiện (Conditions) :

IF: nếu
Ví dụ: I will phone her if I have her phone number.

UNLESS (IF NOT): trừ khi
Ví dụ: You will be late unless you set off now.
Unless you work hard, you will not pass the exam.

Ví dụ: I will pardon her provided that he acknowledge her fault.
You can enter the room provided that you have the ticket..

IN CASE: phòng khi
Ví dụ: You should take an umbrella in case it rains.
Please take a map with you in case (that) you may get lost.
h. Sự tương phản, trái ngược:

Ví dụ: Though/even though /although it rained hard, I went out with him.

AS: mặc dù
Ví dụ: Rich as he is, his isn’t ever happy.

EVEN IF: ngay cả khi
Ví dụ: Even if my watch is right, we will be too late.

Ví dụ: sHe is poor not with standing that he works very hard.

Trên đây là tổng hợp những liên từ thông dụng trong tiếng anh, các bạn tham khảo nhé.

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